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today on the "steven and chris" gosh property brothers answer your questions about buying and selling
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>> three hot ways to wear the perfect pair of jeans. plus, stretches you can do anywhere. [theme music playing] [cheering] [applause] >> hello! [cheering] [applause] >> welcome! >> this is great. how are you. mwah! [cheering] [applause] >> how are you all doing today guys. >> thank you very much! [cheering] [applause] >> wonderful warm welcome. thank you! [cheering] [applause] >> thank you so much. thank you, thank you thank you >> it is back if a steven bearing a bright beautiful shirt or property brothers are here [cheering] [applause]
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[laughter] >> the property brothers of i have a feeling. they are here today and we are excited. you are all excited and talk about their brand new show and answering your buying and selling questions they won't answer are they single because a thousand of those questions. [laughter] we are not answering those those very fun none are you look forward to that? [cheering] [applause] >> good stuff. gorgeous dating expert andrea bain is a lot of fun. >> a lot of fun there i am in love with her there she is sharing mistake people make they date on-line. like us ago misleading profile pictures. >> that is my favorite. you see people do this. >> you post a picture and from college football star and now you are 45 and totally out shape. >> a little more of this and not -- >> it was me! [laughter] >> that should say was. [laughter] >> before and after. she is talk about stuff and like i said so much fun. >> i don't call internet but machine or -- i am so bad i
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don't know the words she is using i am so ochld that's coming up later but are you ready for ask steven up a chris. >> good one here today. [cheering] [applause] >> it can comes from isabella. it is a video question. >> hi. and i want your ep start by showing my new home. there is windows and a lot of light during day but not a lot of light at night. it is open to the entrance as well where all windows and we don't have many light fixtures and it is kind of hard to figure you how to arrange the furniture, colors and dress the walls and if we put a carpet. there is -- we don't know what to do with this space so we have not done much and we like to know if possible to have light inside. it is plane but we wan our home and we want people to love it as much as we can. give me your help. thank you.
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>> we are doing that. make sure that everybody loves it as much you and not difficult things. >> no. >> we don't move out like proper brothers say. >> let's go in your livingroom here. we talk about long narrow room which is fine and one thing we want talk about chair that we will get into the later. and notice that you have new win bow coverings we like. >> bra. vo! >> they are beautiful. well on your way >> totally. >> [cheering] [applause] >> we got a clap. they are working. next thing is that this is opening that looks down in your front entry and we notice that you have a wall here and. >> wee bit of a wall? with the tv on top. that's biggest concern that we want to talk about going forward. >> the floor plan because why it is a problem. why that leave on wee wall a problem. >> what is happening you come upstairs and teach on this
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wall. it is railing and you can see look down into the front entry here and what happens you are sofa is here is, sectional and your seating air is null this area so you have this whole side with nothing because you can't decorate it. >> it is all pushed down one side. tv force you down here and push your sofa against the wall so no room for lighting. so it is very easy solution and take a contractor. >> little contractor. that's all. >> wee contract floor small. not left money. it isn't a big deal but this will be solution to make your room much easier to center furniture. >> what we have done so -- after floor plan. >> so what we have done is drywall over that railing. i don't think you need it. you have light come from the main windows and a that's give you a full wall here and that you can now centre your television in the middle that's fantastic that everything is now centralize so sectional sofa and by two
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side tables and nice balance. >> great place for lighting. we are two huge meaty lamps. >> you have got chair here so that's nicer floor plan. the fun part is what the look is going to be. >> this is really fun. for your space, there is three things we want to have your space that you don't have right now. texture, sparkle an unique pieces. so first thing let's if in the shot of this here. for texture, we are thinking on the walls, because box room. it is not a lot of personality but anxious else so don't want to you start put up mouldings soy that adds beautiful texture to the space >> on the focal wall. >> behind the sofa. >> ok. we want to texture on the floor. hardwood so put a rug on the floor that add -- something with some personality. not too graphic with the print
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but organic we are thinking. >> next thing is sparkle and here we chosen lamps for you with reflective quality that will bounce around. >> lofts glass. >> clear glass. even. we have here is the large round mirror that show you what it looks like in the space later on >>,000 not too big because what happens it is huge -- no room big -- mirror big enough for me, but member sum size and then art work. >> unique piece of coffee table, with interest that we have here and some graphic structure on the base which relike. >> it can pillows and decorative access ace an table base that'ser you get your graphic stuff. that's why organic rug. >> got t now not space and it being like once it is all completed. what you do you think now? [cheering] [applause] in isn't that lovely?
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right. let's talk the element here so first thing is coming in the space is the coffee table. we ent the top round and because the sofa is very angular. >> a lot anxious unless put says so any opportunity we can do to soften that we are with trying to do so round coffee table. >> you can see on the pack wall an round ministeror but no too large because we have art work or either side. not whole art work in backs about too lynn injure. >> you want to have that bouncing around of light and open it up so ministeror perfect option go now to the main wall we drywalled over and you can see, here, the tv now centered and it is anchored bay nice you unit and with graphic on this. that your livingroom now centralize in the center which is lovely. >> did we go on and un on? >> are you pleads or -- we wish you look.
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it will look fantastic. do few steps and it will be great. >> all right. [cheering] [applause] >> when we come back come, the property brothers will be here to answer your questions and your question. wonderful! [cheering] [applause] >> next, everything you need know about buying and selling. >> don't buy a house that is back on train line because you can cheaper and it is great for you. weigh the options if you to sell. that house not worth as same community that is nice quiet area. >> these -- destress with yokoyama yoga. >> sisters and brother there >> i was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. i can adjust it if i need to...if my back's a little more sore. and by the time i get up in the morning, i feel great! if you have back pain, toss and turn at night or wake up tired with no energy, the sleep number bed could be your solution. the sleep number bed's secret is it's air chambers which provide ideal support and put you in control of the firmness. and the bed is perfect for couples because each side
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[cheering] [applause] welcome back. property brothers are experts at buying a selling homes. look at highlights from their brand new show. >> can you please not do this for right now. >> they do not.time to get their home and into new one. >> get out fast. >> son works so hard to get great school in different district we don't sell and move quickly he will lose his place. >> we have not had one offer. >> fine property they can agree on won't be easy. >> shouldn't we -- >> like on the outside, i don't want mean with it sell the home at pirate price. >> easy. >> who burn the turkey. >> what's it worth. >> $285,000. >> to get them in the perfect home, they live through reality of buying --. >> i don't like the colors.
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>> waste of time. >> the zlous august selling i am amazed not up in flames. [cheering] [applause] >> look who is with us, jonathan andrew! [cheering] [applause] >> nice to see you. [cheering] [applause] >> now druch they like the contractor. i know! >> is it contractor thing? >> 12 ounce of manly man swing a hammer in i i understand. so you understand that. >> we look better than he does! [laughter] >> get over here my friend. you have such huge successful show. why do you change the format. >> just so you are ler not getting rid property brothers but twice the action, double the fun. >> wow [cheering] [applause] >> nothing wrong with that. >> property brothers hem them in the dream through fix her, our fans are asking for selling or home and we are if
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getting about selling so we are hoping buying and selling it is wore praying sell and having har time and families need to bigger home and they have to sell and can can't stay and we come mild renovation and stage the home and we are spending 8 to $10,000 homeowners are spending that and this is take house her not selling fast at top dollar. >> you do remarkable things. you looks like you spend 100,000. >> i am good at getting -- >> that it. >> every value out every penny >> there is good. we decide was drew was not anything on property brothers. [laughter] >> so we have to come up a show where he doeswork some work so it is a thorn my side pause buying and selling, it is airing on u.s. for since september and it is number one show. [applause] >> drew -- has more face time because it is displays drew more, destine to be failure.
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no! it is quite successful but he actually helps to dom sof shopping for decor press. >> nice. >> comes to w january 8th so it is amazing show and so many take waste. >> they are anxious to get their questions answered and we have first question from carol in our audience. hi >> how are you doing. >> hey carol. >> what's your question? >> i am planning on renovating my home and i am not sure if i have saved up enough money so i am wonder what the best way to figure out how much it will cost? >> knowing most people doing renovation i will say yes, you probably have not saved enough money. they want big renovation but they adopt have money for it? bring in the person that knows how to estimate the job and that's usually professional contractor i recommend two or three and you can -- go through make sure you are interviewing them tus bass money that you spent and get quote in writing before you start a project so you know hey, maybe i need to save more
1:16 am
six months or want to ren rit this portion for now. but you need to consider how much you are leaving for contingency bus you don't want it get over your head of you make rash decision and it can snowball and get out control >> as percentage, 20% or think about 20 pour more -- >> contingency we mix up little bit so older home is, more problem we uncover so it is like 20% and i have done 25% and if new home not expecting anything like nobody and tube or mould problems, we will never go below so? do your research. look on-line what certainly things you look for cost an hit home shows and what element you lack for and cost an quote -- that doesn't you anything from contractor. >> that's very good. next one says, e-mail a question, location the most important consideration when buying a home. >> it definitely is one most important things. reason that your hus make your
1:17 am
life easier an times location can do that shorter commute and out to look at these things you can't change. location, distance to shopping and amenities, transit, size of a lot and so if you have that pla in place you can't change shows bring in john ton to what you want to the house go depending on buying a house, we say if doesn't have a massive budget with hundreds of thousands of dollars, you should try and look at home that you are not going to have to add another storey or massive addition. you have seen homes on property brothers and buying and selling and we go there and we do more than you sume we can do with the budget. keep mind people are faith pour my time or not drew's time so numbers are not skewed. don't say i want this for $50 because property brothers did it but keep those budgets are for three or four rooms we are showing you. >> another thing on the location topic being think resale value. they are in the foyer their lives but don't buy a house back on train line because you
1:18 am
can cheap ar this is great for you. way options you have to sell, that house not worth as house in the same community with a quiet cul de sac. >> agreed advice. thank you for being with us! [cheering] [applause] >> now for coming in today. >> we will break and when we come back, erica is here. don't miss it >> you are awesome! thank you very much. >> next three ways to wear the perfect pair of jeans. >> flattery for all body types. >> it is. the front is so flattering you add simple like blouse. >> later, which beautiwise poois are worth the money. >> that's nasty
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[cheering] [applause] >> all right. time for cashmere fashion and erica here with three ways to wear jeans of give up some love! . >> give up love! [cheering] [applause] >> mwah. >> good it see you. so we are doing jeans and tell us about. >> so denim is versatile piece that every man and women should own their closet.
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>> absolutely. >> find wash that work with everything. cut that works for everyone so i cheese a classic boot cut in black blue wash will translate and show you three ways. >> i love it. boot cut that's good for all body types. >> it is. >> why >> it is such a classic fit through the hips and it doesn't go skin tight on the leg and gives you a little bit of room in the calf whether so it is pair that accentuates the rights parts from levi he is a. dark wash, it is easier to translate in the evening because you wear a lighter cash in the evening it looks wrong. >> look like trying too har. rock 'n roll or something. >> exactly. like rihanna can pull that off but not every day. >> rihanna can pull this off these billionaire and hot. >> exactly. >> this is our casual look. >> i love this together. it is beautiful luxurious color and don't spend ton from
1:23 am
jacob, under 60. >> really. beautiful. >> really agrees. >> this is flating for all body types. >> hides stuff you are self-conscious about and water first of all front is flattering. add a blouse and i want to show you that you can wear this car gone two ways. you can transform the look by belting it. >> wow. that's -- you got it there. >> thank you. >> mannequin has tiny waist i won't lie. >> [laughter] sigh -9! [laughter] >> gives that hour glass. look at difference. it really cinches is in the waist giving the hour glass shape we last offer. >> this dress it up. >> with the gold. >> i love the bag an shoes and they don't match and this is print and makes your own. >> it really does. >> what do you think of this [applause] >> it is fabulous. take the camel in the shoes so
1:24 am
not huge difference. >> being if you go neutral on the body it is porn to amp your accessories why this beautiful bag from sears. >> how much is that bag. >> like under $80. >> amazing. >> fantastic. >> that's nice bag. >> that's beautiful like a patent legislate. >> i like it is purpose and different and going neutral get some energy. >> ache your own. >> good stuff. over here. where are we now. >> to the office and i love this beautiful merlot burgundy color it works for just anybody if it is looks on -- your skin color an hair color. works well with everybody. >> total. you can do this really beautiful blouse and do not frayed of he will embellishment. love how club monaco included the lace one they did here in the sleeve there that's pretty everyone. [applause] ble that's dressy apso vintage but modern. like a modern. >> great sweet where that so that's beautiful. you have went with the accessories.
1:25 am
>> you know me >> i love to jazz it up. >> why the not. >> this necklace from banana republican, two strings so great and pull all colors into the look so it is complete. take this further, make more glamorous. >> i see ok. >> this is absolutely spectacular. >> look at that everyone. >> velvet and has a snowflake pattern ans in navy blue so again, tying the denim up to the body. >> i am loving the navy to dress things up and instead black because it is softer. >> great alternative. >> i love that bag. i love this matches the seter >> this big is sig else go that's pretty. >> two tone and gorgeous. >> jeans from the casual to the office are same jeans they but they look different. >> exactly. >> that's what i love. >> you got so many looks one pair. >> more pangior your book. >> dressy. these great. >> isn't this fun. [applause] >> fantastic. denim is hard to wear evening
1:26 am
because what happens people tend to dress up the top half too much and weirduation happening where it is not matching. >> like disconnect. >> it is disconnect >> beautiful pants or with thank you left the house without them. >> you pull off here. tell us how. >> best way to opt for something more neutral. i chose this beautiful black sleeveless high collar blouse from banana but texture. so if you are make it evenings instead of a cotton top, with financial you are like lace this adds glamour. >> this is -- i love the color. it is like same --. >> water fall front. >> our director is madly in love. she buy this. >> every woman is? love with the jacket. [applause] >> it is got arm ban in the back and really fits the arm to perfection in this is like what we are seeing like work as one unit rather than being those are rock 'n roll jeans
1:27 am
more dress to evening look. to. a push an pull. >> make sure it sin injuryize. >> that act resry on. >> hole this beautiful necklace to finish look an silver through the body. this is $10 from suzy here is. >> you are kidding 10 bucks! >> that's amazing. this bag, gold in there. >> don't be frayed to mix and match that. out window. >> don't think about silver on sillier ver your holmes or body. enjoy them. >>. >> glam mouse shoes. >> these are fabulous. >> from aldoe you did a great job. >> you are fabulous. >> at the thank you. >> i love you dearly sweetheart. >> thank you. >> three ways to do. mwah! there is lots more coming up of a it the bear. >> make up must-haves. >> you are tongue but take that off. [laóoi;
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[cheering] [applause] >> we are here with make-up artist marcia garnes and we have great products to the test. welcome her. >> hi guys. >> hi. you are make-up art around they in big kit all best products that we all shubenacadie using absolutely. >> you know what works and don't work so. what are we testing today. >> so we have five products today and we are going with
1:31 am
foundation and lip and mascara and eye shadow and highlighter that is great to have your kid. >> good basic >> absolutely. >> model jess from our audience of you are gorgeous. >> thank you. >> you should be a model. first product is a foundation. tell us about it. >> this is foundation it is called -- the brand and it is silicon-based foundation so reason why it is stood out because they no primer. no prirm that's good thing because you use primer. were do you use them. >> primer a real great base so to have easier blendability for your make-up to last long ter helps with make the texture the skin smoother and make-up -- it goes on better and primers that are matthew collinsifies so if you can shib it helps go you don't need a primer. >> save the cost of that. >> absolutely. ly an time. >> and time many.
1:32 am
>> you don't know in works. not great just for make-up artists but just every day ladies. >> absolutely. >> want to have a quick step you don't want extra tep with primer. i am applying on jerks my foundation brush and i see goes a long way. >> that good thing. >> excellent because. >> why is it going long way? >> i think because it is super pigmented and also, it just really blending nicely in the skin. it leaves a duier finish. silicone >> keep going. to see beautifulness at the end of it. >> so redness in her cheek and i can see it is covering immediately and has nice beautiful glow. i am happy. >> i am happy with unprice of this one. >> yes. it $32. >> you say -- in your kit. >> yes or throwing way. >> we can keep this bad boy! >>
1:33 am
[applause] next product that we are looking at is the -- it is all real time so keep going. lip color. what's called. >> it is obsessive compulsive could the metics. >> what's claim to fame. >> lip tar. jake crew a fashion designing line they brought in this fall and they really made it popular because of the pigmentation and it is vegan brand so something that great if you want something that's it for sensitive skin. >> it is good for sensitive. vegan you are not eating me that's a good thing. [laughter] >> that's all i get from there. i am not sure! [laughter] color is pretty me. how is it going on. what's make-up artists professional -- test say [laughter] >> the professional -- >> so i find i love the color. >> it is beautiful. >> application is really easy and it is liquid. i find this is hybrid between
1:34 am
lipstick and lip gloss. >> are you happy. we have to move on oh, god i am very happy. >> put to your kit. next one. we are here all week -- [applause] >> are you having good time. >> i am. >> eye shadow. >> so l'oreal. >> put on while we are talking. >> it is product that has one sweep. i am able to get three colors an applying it. >> i will hold this up while you are. >> i aming my one sweep and -- >> three shades so highlighter an shadow and then contour all set out for you with a brush. that's nasty! >> well -- in i didn't see all products was -- >> you are stunning but take that off! [laughter] >> i am not make-up artist but that's nasty. >>s not -- >> what do you think?
1:35 am
gone! >> mass carat next one baby. we are out time. >> mascara it is eye lights by cover girl and retail for $10ed approximately and i am going to shimmy >> 10 bucks a great price. >> not too bad. right now, i am notice that the application is easy to ply and >> good thing. >> perk supposed to highlight her natural brown eyes. light reflecting -- >> light reflecting. >> that b.s. or true. can they do that. little moores or that reflect the light. >> i have to call them on their b.s.. >> are you. what wants to throw it. together. >> whoo! bye. >> you are fabulous. thank you so much for being our model. you are lovely. you are lovely! >> thank you. great job. we know about what put in the kit and take out. >> absolutely. >> you are a doll. thank you for being with us. after the break, we have
1:36 am
stress-busting stretches. oh-oh. what fun! [laughter] >> sew that was so fun >> next, stretch out. for people that fine difficult, how do we keep this easy. >> you would just not do it! [laughter]
1:37 am
1:38 am
[cheering] [applause]
1:39 am
>> welcome back. centre one best way to relief stress. here with the best moves to keep you relaxed is jan. high sweetheart. >> so stress you will our body a here and get you to the. >> let's do this togetherful we have take a big inhale in the through nose. everybody do it. wig exhale throughout mouth. >> look at them just melt. once more than. inhale not nose an ha out. ha! >> what ha doing. >> it is hits hits on the mouth and it releases tension in the jaw and believe it or not we told jaw tension creates tension on the spine you you pelvis so in terms of movement our movement are restricted and toe release our jaw tension, we can relief tension in the body. >> other part of body. >> ha. that's it. we are done!
1:40 am
[laughter] i feel great. ha! that was amazing. [laughter] we are you a ha'd up now stretch moves. >> let's go in the first one. welcome talk about things. these are sings thing you can do if you are office or bedroom. so curl the toes under and stretch the soles feet. >> that feels good. >> it seems like for tour and because we told res our feet if we think we stan on them all day an in terms of our energy center, we hold emotional energy our feet and life stress in our feet. >> really. >> yes. >> that's interesting. sit on. >> sit on the heels and if you don't stretch because you are flexible you can lean back. >> more flexible person -- >> i can do it but it is toe i broke and it is hard to do that go ok. >> difficult one. >> if you are fined it difficult how it is easier move.
1:41 am
>> you would not do it! [laughter] >> perfect! go back to the -- this ark of our fourth quarter nerve endings emulate nerve our spine so it is aekz treatment. so second stretch you come on your back and make -- you stay that way. >> this way. >> i will want to see you because i don't trust you [laughter] >> she will make me work. >> where my bum going?! >> lie on the back and figure four your leg. >> this is good one. >> this is difficult. >> it murders me. >> you push your right elbow or -- right your right leg an stretch to the hip. >> yeah. >> so -- ohh! >> that ha in here. >> hold that up a switch legs. >> hold stretch and switch -- releases the big muscles that -- >> it is. next stretch is really easy.
1:42 am
stretch our lower back you a our legs so make a v shape and flex your toes. >> it is miracle that i can touch them. that's shock me. >> we try get our lower back and our hamstrings and bringing our arms out and draw your belly in. >> drag in there. >> then twist to the left. now thumb to the ceiling an elbow -- you are right knee steven. to the,. >> hang on a second. how come my elbow goes and you flat out. >> it is your sweater. >> that's what it is! [laughter] >> you have a bulky sweeter! >> ard wardrobe! >> you can get down so lift knee higher, modify it and you twist your chest up to the ceiling so -- [laughter] >> whoo! >> this stretch i can feel my
1:43 am
legs and big stretch everywhere. >> i will watch from here. >> we will get gl that the strong muscle envelope back an hamstrings that they say we hold our subconscious pattern in the back our legs and lower backs really. >> lee move stress here and tension here. >> when i am doing this i am breathe not hold my breath. >> right. >> you don't like me any more! [laughter] >> in breath is huge component and it is interesting thing about tres if we can learn to breathe, those belly breaths we talk about through different pattern correct to the right side of brain that gives you a rehack. you have to be in the moment and stay here and force you to be present and not think about our daily lives. >> now -- not much time because i want one more anyway. >> we can do this together so hands behind you and close your fingers and bring our elbows together an tuck our chin so you can't see anybody.
1:44 am
[laughter] then you look down to the your right and shoulder up past your right elbow and then look back to the belly button and then bring your elbows together. >> oh, yes over not left and chin chucked. >> you rchls do you feel in the back of neck. >> do you feel that. yes we hold the waste of the world on our showered sourl we need this -- just let go of these stress that accumulate. >> how many times should we do that once or twice or three times. >> you feel like overwhelmed with stress and react in like yell at somebody. >> that's great move. >> reconfigure brain patterns. >> if i am in the bathroom going haa! i am releasing stress [laughter] >> thank you darling. >> mwah. >> you are beautiful an amazing. when we come back, lots more going on.
1:45 am
lots, lots more! >> lots move. >> you are the best! >>
1:46 am
1:47 am
[cheering] [applause] >> lifestyle expert andrea bain is here to share mistake that people on on-line dating give some love to andrea! [applause] if i love i of this love you too. >> so good to see you. you look beautiful.
1:48 am
>> thank you. >> on dating i was telling you reason i don't anything i was relationship or 25 years and also too, we are talking about computer have computer in school an typewriters that that's you hold i am. >> it is confusing it is new ground because when i computer my kindergarten class i didn't know i will meet my future husband. i thought type reports and do project and that was it. but this is whole new field and people are figure out plus dating without the computer is confusing. >> this is new level with it. new level. >> some command mistake and call them out and shut them down. >> because i am sick and tired. >> bad useer names. >> what is user name. >> name that you have on under profile so not your government name. this is your user name an bad user example, hooter girls 69. >> oh! >> what -- how does that set
1:49 am
up if you dress like police officer, people will ask can you for help so set with hooter girl, they are expect. >> hooters! [laughter] >> you have to think about those things. make if and playful but not -- >> another bad name. >> thinking with 9 inches in or lady killer. >> wow! >> cheese ball stuff. >> yeah. >> that's fun in the locker room with the people that know you but not people on-line that are look for relationship don't you the out there. it is looks thesey cougar girl 74 don't do had honey. >> no! >> cougar 74 makes you found like you are a cougar an 74 [laughter] what want to get that old cat? [laughter] >> i said it. i didn't say that! not neck up with crappy picture. what's it looks like. >> oh, my gosh. you know crappy three of them. three crappy pictures. first one this was punishing 30 pounds ago, 10 years ago?
1:50 am
maybe your hairline was fuller and dot put that picture up knots fair. it no fair representing would have you are today. because you are to meet that person and who is this?! >> get relistic other picture what your chance of meeting somebody. that who cull you. >> [laughter] >> that's wrong. don't encourage it. >> am it right? >> don't courage it. >> you are like -- call me! call me i drink beer. >> there is lid for every pot and you want to be yourself because if you put ford that person will meet you and going to be very angry with you. >> what i would do. >> not carry on relationship. >> you have to get vaseline on the lens. >> belly pout an jacket. >> ok. angle yourself. but make it. >> do not lie. >> not your high school picture and your 50s. the person will be upset.
1:51 am
i can't bathroom picture. how many politician, celebrities we have seen. >> show me how. >> you know, take off their clothes and do the -- sexy face. >> you know it. >> i will tell you why i wouldn't could it! that's why i am not doing it! [laughter] >> i keep this baby covered. >> here is the deal. if you have great sick pack that's fan. >> i do i just pushed it up. >> if you have a nice set of girls, it is great but a but put that forward they are interesting inful that you want tem to be in i so put your shirt on and get the bathroom. out bathroom. >> unless you are taking a pee no pictures. >> leave your camera out on the side bathroomble. >> please. >> what's this now. >> it is hard to describe yourself in words because we are like onions, many layers but don't cliche girl next door. they are a girl next door unless you live nowhere. think of what your friend say
1:52 am
and your family says and hobbies that you love the most and write them down make this short an simple. think about tv guide, they describe a show they don't go forever but to the zloint action thrill or romantic comedy. give me -- >> i want to write one now! >> get to the point and make fun and that let that person get essence of no distear tags. lock wrack paul and golf -- to one cares. news flash no, one care. >> rack ball and golf an swimming! [laughter] one last one is not going off line. >>. >> that means you have on-line meeting somebody and spend week talk that person and then you should meet one another. if you talk or thee months and not if a met, you it probably has spouse or something it up. use your gut. you want to -- you are here to date. >> don't become a penpal. >> yes. >> neat another friend. you need a boyfriend! >> you need lover.
1:53 am
>> a lover baby. give me some squeezey, i love you! --. >> being talk to you all day. you need a lover. >> you need lover baby! >> i love it!
1:54 am
1:55 am
[cheering] [applause] >> welcome back. time for hive made easiest we make your life easier. >> who laughing in the audience? [laughter] who being bad down there. >> we have fantastic really easy beauty fix for woman on the go. >> cheap an easy. >> cheap an cheerful. you have seen those blotting papers in the stores.
1:56 am
blot the oil. >> they are few bucks >> they can be costly because some designer brands and you can do is just get maybe in your wrapping room that you have. >> watch the spelling -- that's it. >> get reg white tissue and cut up in small squares and basically that's what it is. white tissue and blot on your skin and it will remove. >> wrapping room thing newer -- no were wrapping room tissue that get in the bags, wrap the tough that's what you take home an dut it occupy and you you are good to go. >> wrapping room. [laughter] >> next if you get lipstick shirt or pill poll low case it is very can i havi difficult to remove. ance has happens get rubbing alcohol and put on a cotton ball and dab that on and you get hair stray and pray it over top of that and throw in
1:57 am
the laundry between alcohol an hair stray it will lift the stain and remove it. >> quick easy and inexpensive. don't take to the dry cleaner in you got to the hair dresser and dye your hard and three stadz00 too. >> dark. >> somebody has done that. >> you are like -- [applause] >> here fix, get 1015 vitamins c and crush them up in i leak mortar thing. >> that's how you do. >> i never done it before. [laughter] >> i got caught! >> we have here in the bowl is -- crushing them up and is dandruff shampoo. between vitamin c an sham park chemical reaction happens an wash your hair with and literally your hair will two shades lighter. whatever dark color you will see it wash out. >> it strips it out.
1:58 am
>> back to the color there are look for. >> easy. there you go. life made easy. good job. thank you so much. thing for having fun with you. i truly appreciate. >> thank you. you have a great gift for everybody. >> absolutely. they get 39 -- by dr. wolf, sham poon for fine hair. lovely. >> i have made mess here. this is really mess. vitamin k an dandruff shampoo. thank you for watching us. >> see you next time. >> thanks everybody [cheering] [applause] >> awe thank you all so much. you are great! >> thank you guys! thanks for being here!
1:59 am

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